Remove OMD entirely from CheckMK

OMD primarily provides a way to "virtual host" your CheckMK installation, and possibly offers ways to run multiple versions of CheckMK simultaneously. It is mainly created by thousands of lines of complex, (untestable?) python code.

I propose that we remove OMD entirely from CheckMK. Virtual hosting is trivially replicated by using a separate directory for each CheckMK site and then writing the data structures to that area. Each "site" can be started by a separate Systemd service unit. Multiple versions can also be supported by making packages which support multiple versions to be installed.

The "data store" does not need to follow an OS-layout as it does now, although that can roughly stay as it is if required. Temporary files, sockets and other "special" files should be stored in system-provided locations though (eg. /var/run/<something>) rather than being in the data store. Thus, the data store could be hosted on NFS (for dramatically simpler operations, esp. in the cloud).

Under consideration Suggested by: Ralph Bolton Upvoted: 30 Jun Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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