Make Host searchable and visible for directly assigned contacts of a service

In everyday life, customers talk about servers and applications. That's why most customers tend to search for a hostname or alias in the GUI rather than for a service name.

If you are assigned to a Service but not to the Host itself, you can't search for the Host of the Service in the Quick search and you won't see the Host in the host group and in the allhost View.

On the other side, if you are directly assigned to a server, you will be able to see and search for all the host’s services in the GUI even without being directly assigned to the services.

As of now the custumer must allways list first all Services and then he can filter the view by host if he whants to see only the services of a spezific server.

Please make the Host of a Service searchable and viewable in the host groups and allhost view for the directly assigned contacts of the Service if the Authorization settings are set to "Loose - Visible if user is contact for the service or its host".

Under consideration Suggested by: Lars Sörensen Upvoted: 12 Aug Comments: 0

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