Allow for disabling fetching specific NetApp information, like e.g. quota_info

Currently everything is fetched from the NetApp, which in our case, is so much info that it takes the plugin an hour to fetch (this specific NetApp is actually a cluster).
We ourselves have no interest in the quota_info, so we disabled this part in the plugin, which takes the total time it takes the plugin to fetch all data down to a single minute.
For obvious reasons this is not a recommended approach.

While it is possible to add all the Qtree services to "Disabled Services" (about a 1000 (one thousand) services in our case), the plugin still fetches all the information only to disregard it later on.

It would be great if there were an option to disable fetching specific information.

Under consideration Suggested by: Casper Upvoted: 26 Sep Comments: 0

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