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It would be nice to have a "replay functionality". I know, I can view the status of each check in logs and reproduce it with all alert messages or have a look at each check and graph. This new functionality allows to view at a glance which checks have been red/yellow at a certain date and time instead of manually crawling through logs and data.

It would also be easy to use for the not-so-skilled-enduser. Just enter date and time and Checkmk calculates, reproduces and shows the status of all "not green checks" according to the available and stored data. This static screen is fully sufficienet, if possible I can also imagine a dynamic replay - similar to the playback in Flightradar.

Would be nice to have something like this in one of the future versions. Thanks.

Under consideration Dashboards & Views Usability Suggested by: Joerg Upvoted: 20 Jul Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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